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About Barn 11 Productions:

A small handful of friends, with a wide variance in their exposure to the film industry, came together to make a short film. To make a long story short, they enjoyed working together.
A happy byproduct of that first short film is Barn 11 Productions, a small but mighty film production house, dedicated to producing the work of its founders.

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"The Haldimand Press: 149 and Counting"

Producer: Jordan Heron

Completed in March of 2017, this is a short documentary we put together primarily for a TVO contest running with a theme of the Ontario 150 celebration (1867-2017).
It was pointed out to us that our local newspaper, The Haldimand Press, has been around since 1868. Seemed like a natural fit.
Never having done a documentary before, this was a real learning experience.
One of the things learned was: Don't spend too much time worrying about the theme of the contest.
Watching the films that did make it into the formal competition: They were good, they were visually interesting, but none of them even mentioned the Ontario 150 theme. Huh.
You can watch the whole documentary here:

Toronto International Independent Film Festival

Producer, Director, Editor: Jordan Heron
Associate Producer: Roben Goodfellow
Director of Photography: Brian T. Reid
Sound Recordist: Adam Smith
Sound Recordist: Stephanie Campbell


Producer: Roben Goodfellow

Our third short film, about a man and his dog, and a Tim Hortons coffee. Doesn't get more Canadian than this.
We are thrilled that "Missy" premiered at the Milton Film Festival in January 2017.
The film was screened at the International Filmmakers Festival in Nice, France, in May 2017, where it was nominated in the following categories:
"Best Short Film", for producer Roben Goodfellow;
"Best Lead Actor in a Short Film", for actor Jordan Heron; and
"Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film", for writer Jordan Heron
Upcoming screening at the International Filmmakers Festival in Madrid, Spain, in July 2017, with the following nominations:
"Best Lead Actor in a Short Film" for actor Jordan Heron; and
a WIN in "Best Cinematography in a Short Film", for DoP Ross Goodfellow. Congratulations, Ross!
Upcoming screening at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival in Buffalo, NY, in September 2017 - details to come later...
Watch the trailer:

Milton Film Festival International Filmmakers Festival International Filmmakers Festival Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival

Writer, Narrator, Actor, Director, Editor: Jordan Heron
Director of Photography: Ross Goodfellow
Producer/Production Assistant: Roben Goodfellow
Post Production: Ross Goodfellow


Producer: Jordan Heron

Our second short film. Watch the trailer:

Writer, Director, Narrator, Editor: Jordan Heron
Director of Photography: Ross Goodfellow
Production Assistant: Roben Goodfellow

We are pleased that "Of Angels and Silence" was selected as a short film screenplay for the 2015 Toronto Independant Film Awards,
Original story by Jeannie Warner
Screenplay by Jeannie Warner and Jordan Heron

Not the End of the World

Producer: Jordan Heron
Discrete Reality Productions
(the precursor to Barn 11 Productions)

Our first short film, "Not the End of the World", had its world premier at the Milton Film Festival on 31 January 2016.
The international premiere took place in Feburary 2017 at the International Filmmakers Festival - London, UK, where it was nominated in the "Best Comedy Short" category.
Watch the trailer:

Milton Film Festival Great Lakes International Film Festival IFF - London

What a blast this was!
Our first project, off the ground and launched out into the world!
So many thanks to give to all the cast and crew that made it work:

Director: Jordan Heron
Based on the Original Short Story "Not the End of the World" by: Jeannie Warner
Adapted for the Screen by: Jordan Heron
Production Executive: Stephanie Campbell
Christopher Attalakis played by: Jordan Heron
Angel of Destruction played by: Adam Nicholson
Aunt Nikki voiced by: Jeannie Warner
Director of Photography: Ross Goodfellow
Editing & Post Production: Independence Films
Associate Producer: Adam Nicholson
Assistant Director: Adam Smith
Camera Assistant / Script Supervisor: Roben Goodfellow
Production Assistants: Cynthia "Syndi" Berman and Steve Rohrer
"Oberon" and "Sherwood", from the album "The Gabriel Hounds", written and performed by Heather Dale
"Tell Me Again", written and performed by Anneke Allan and Ross Goodfellow
Catering: Cynthia "Syndi" Berman


We're simply going to state that the more money we have, the more films we can make.
So, if you've got a few thousand dollars sitting around with no purpose, and a great idea, talk to us.
And if you don't have a great idea, trust us, we have some.
Come on. You know you want to...

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